We invite you to enroll your child at Itty Bitty Tots in Training for Pre-Kindergarten. Young learners in this program are introduced to the basic concepts of academics through play. We believe that learning becomes a pleasure and is more effective when there is fun involved.

Here are the activities we have in our Pre-Kindergarten class:

  • Counting Exercises
  • Social Skills Practice in Individual Work and Group Play
  • Exercises in Following Directions
  • Music Class and Group Singing
  • Learning Cultures Around the World
  • Science and Health
  • Vocabulary Enhancement
  • Basic Problem Solving
  • Emotional Skills Development (Learning Patience and Sharing with Peers)
  • Introduction to Telling Time
  • Learning Opposites and Synonyms
  • Physical Education
  • Arts and Graphics
  • Writing Activities
  • Reading and Phonics

You can start the enrollment procedure online. Simply submit your child’s information in our online form. Thank you for choosing Itty Bitty Tots in Training.

Our teachers are our most valued assets. Meet them in person for a consultation.
Join us in our upcoming activities at Itty Bitty Tots in Training!