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Itty Bitty Tots In Training is a hands on personal interaction place. We care deeply about the service we offer. The kids and their parents are the proof it works! I am very proud to be a part of something so great! I love being the Director of such a wonderful center! Thank you, to all the awesome people I have opportunity to work for daily!

Myette Philio
I.B.T. Director

Myette Philio

Itty Bitty Tots in Training is the best decision we’ve made for our three boys. We can't say enough amazing things about the owners, staff and teachers.

The staff is attentive; the atmosphere is upbeat and warm. When you come in in the morning you can just feel like the staff enjoys working there.

From our first tour and every day after that the school is a very happy and inviting place for both parent and child. Our Boys love their teachers and they make sure to say bye to everyone when they leave in the evening. And in that it shows us that they give them so much love and attention every day. Makes us so happy to see that.

Best value for money for sure. And their customer service is just superb. Never do you feel you're 'too much' when you call in to check in on your kiddos.

Love, love, love IBTT!

Modi Kuti

I just would like to say that I am very proud of Mr & Mrs Philio. You are a blessing for the children and the community. It brings great pleasure to know that my babies are being taken care of in a educating,nourishing and safe center. I love you guys and I truly thank you for all that you do.

Tina Jones

As a parent, you always want the best and nothing but the best for your children.Upon hearing about itty Bitty tots, I was unsure of enrolling my child into a daycare setting after being home with her for so long and caring for her. When I enrolled my oldest child who is now 4 years old into itty bitty tots I was amazed at the warm, caring and loving staff. my child would come home and sing the songs, tell about her day, and everything she learned at daycare. It was at this pint when I realized just how special and wonderful the itty Bitty tots staff really were. Not only does the staff care to build your child's future, but they really do specialize in taking the time build a personal yet professional relationship with parents and all children. I am soproud to be an itty bitty to parent and see the difference this blessed daycare has had upon both my daughters. My daughter's love,love,love going to Itty Bitty tots everyday!! Itty Bitty tots is amazing and they truly do specialize in ur child's uniqueness. Thank you itty bitty tots for all you do!! # itty bitty tots

sandi peterson simmons

I must say that the facility has a family atmosphere and I feel safe when my sons are there. I am a single mother and trying to juggle everthing can be difficult. But the director has been so helpful and always looking out for her parents...I love this place and my kids are so content while at Itty Bitty Tots...This is a great place to bring your children!

Brittany Turner

First I will start saying this is the best place ever for any child.. my son loves it I love my whole family loves itty bitty tots...They have the best staff ever and the director is the best loving person I've met in my life... my children have learned so much here at itty bitty tots...most of all I love how everyone is treated like family... all my son does is talk about what he does at itty bitty tots... hands down this is the place for any and every child... its hard to find a place that cares for your child like itty bitty tots!!!! Luv you guys



Nino Bolton

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